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What is Google E-E-A-T? Role of Google EEAT in SEO 2024

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Are you curious about what Google’s E-E-A-T is and why it is important? Below, we explain deeper into what E-E-A-T is, why it’s important, and how you can implement it to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

What is E-E-A-T?

E-E-A-T refers to Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Google’s quality raters use these EEATs to evaluate the quality of search results. This Search Quality Rater Guidelines document was made available by Google in 2013 to assist webmasters in knowledge of what Google considers important in a website. In December 2022, Google added “Experience” the 2nd “E” as a new measure to the concept. Google uses E-E-A-T as a crucial factor to rate the general quality of a website. The quality of a web page has a substantial impact on its position in the organic search results of Google, so you need to consider E-E-A-T when making content for your website.

Is E-E-A-T a ranking signal?

E-E-A-T is not considered a direct ranking factor for Google but is an important concept that powers the search engine’s assessment of the quality of a website. Google has mentioned E-E-A-T over a hundred times in its present version of the Search Quality Rater Guidelines and underlined its significance in a white paper released in February 2019 titled “How Google Fights Disinformation“.

Exploring E-E-A-T in Detail

Web content that demonstrates huge levels of E-E-A-T is more credible to appear at the top of SERP, while those with low levels may find it harder to find the SERP. In this situation, studying E-E-A-T in more detail is crucial to understanding each aspect and how to demonstrate it on your website.


Is the article writer or content writer well-known with the topic through real-world experience? For instance, if someone writes a product review, have they used the product? so it shows the first-hand experience of the writer. Google Searchers want that first-hand knowledge as they make a decision.


Expertise refers to having a deep understanding or skill in a specific area. Google assesses it mainly based on the content rather than the website or organisation behind it.

It shows that you, the Writer, have substantial knowledge of the topic because searchers want answers from the most qualified people. It can be shown by the writer’s formal qualifications and education or by showing appropriate personal experience and everyday knowledge.


Authoritativeness refers to the overall reputation in your industry. Google aims to show the content from authentic sources that have established themselves as credible resources. To assess this, Google considers signals such as the quality and quantity of backlinks from other reputable websites, references in industry-leading online publications, recognition from specialists or industry peers, and good user reviews.


Trustworthiness contains the credibility, reliability, and transparency of the content given. To assess trustworthiness, Google considers factors such as accurate citations and references from reputable sources, clear and transparent disclosure of the content writer’s identity and affiliations, and the absence of misleading information, etc. Google values trust at a high level in its algorithm.

Role of Google EEAT in SEO 2024

Why is E-E-A-T important for your SEO strategy?

If you have watched the major Google algorithm updates in recent times, you might have noticed a common factor: an ongoing effort to strengthen the user experience. E-E-A-T is no exception to this pattern. It’s another method Google uses to deliver the content users are looking for.

E-E-A-T is important in determining the trustworthiness of a web page. It serves the basics for assessing whether a website and its pages provide authentic value to the user.
If SEO is crucial to your digital marketing success, E-E-A-T should be a top preference when developing your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

EEAT How to Impliment
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